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The company Al Jedaie was pioneered by Ali Al Jedaie in 1979 - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Al Jedaie embarked its presence with a small trading company dealing in men’s fabrics.

Soon with their business philosophy to combine creativity and innovations with high level of quality of design, product and service grew into a renowned Men Fashion House and then leading to a cluster of companies operating in various commercial sectors.

With the growing popularity within the customers, Al Jedaie’s readymade garments brand AlAseel controls a major market share. Having an extensive knowledge and experience with customer’s expectations, Al-Jedaie men's Textile Co. is considered as the ruler of the finest quality men’s fabric.

Al Jedaie furniture’s has become an increasing trend for both home and offices and in years have completed many big projects for government and other institutions successfully.  Having invested in Saudi real estate, Al Jedaie has secured many prime locations in several cities of the Kingdom, this led in launching a new company in real estate.  Having possessions of many shopping centers and office complexes in major cities of countries, facilitates in securing the best locations of our brands.

Al-Jedaie group involves around more than 1600 employees who are well trained and work together with enthusiasm and harmony apart from belonging to diverse backgrounds.  Al Jedaie places a great value on human resources and believes that people are the most valuable asset of the business.  Together, Al Jedaie group aims to become a market leader for KSA and the whole MENA region.
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