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Al-Jedaie launched its brand Al-Aseel in 1987 in Riyadh with a sole intention of satisfying customers demand by supplying them with finest quality of Arabian clothes and finest cotton undergarments. With increasing number of sales, outlets of Al-Aseel are opened in all the Saudi cities and have many agents in UAE (United Arab of Emirates), Iraq, Syria, Yamen, Jordon and Libya.

Al-Aseel deals in Cotton Underwear and Pants in retail market at reasonable prices and hence currently holds a market share of 50 percent.  Al-Assel Thob is made of soft silky filament and polyester to give a smooth and cool feeling through summer and with cotton, polyester and a touch of wool to give its warmth in winter.

Cotton Underwear – Al-Aseel wide range of cotton underwear for men and kids. This includes vests, briefs, short pants and others for all ages and in all sizes.
Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – King Fahd Road.P.O.BOX 23236 Riyadh 11426.
Phone: +966-1-4652000
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