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Jedaie's Mens Textile
With an extensive experience of more than 50 years in procuring fabrics, Al-Jedaie Men’s Fabric has become a leading distributor for men’s fabrics in the Middle East. Al-Jedaie Men Fabrics had set up a small shop and now reverently grown over 50 stores throughout the Kingdom, Containing wide excellent assortments from world brands fitting to all customers.

Al-Jedaie Men Fabrics has convoyed with the world and local markets in its high movement of execute and cultures and complies with the new style hardly. Al-Jedaie Men Fabrics provides a high men texture of world brands from national Europe wool and cotton (Italy, France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland ) through universality companies (WOODHOUSE - SCABAL - DORMEUIL - BENTLEY - CHARLSCLAYTON - VOLTER) as well as the Japanese textile such as (TOYOBO - NISSHINBO - KURABO - TORAY) which is suitable for gulf fashion in both Arabian thobes and western wear.
Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – King Fahd Road.P.O. Box 310 Riyadh 11411.
Phone: +966-1-4652000
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Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – King Fahd road.P.O. Box 310 Riyadh 11411.
Phone: +966-1-4652000