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Al-Jedaie group with its strong customer service experience has maintained to be in the top 100 business groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Having invested in many sectors, Al-Jedaie group employs around 1600 committed and loyal staff at all levels.  They identify the importance of employees in their business and hence ensure that proper orientation and training programs are conducted for their employees to provide best services to their customers.

Al-Jedaie group believes in employing right person at a right place and also insists on improving the skills of their employees by introduction of new training programs as per the market needs. To have a strong employee force, Al-Jedaie group certifies employees from Sales to IT department to be highly qualified professionals who possesses in-depth and relevant experience to assist their customers and business needs.

Training programs are held internally and externally to extend employees knowledge base and to assist understanding of the current market demands.  Equal opportunities are offered to junior staff members to demonstrate their potentials and under mentoring program are made able to hold positions of responsibility in near future.  Al-Jedaie believes Human Resource as wealth and constantly seeks to widen and enhance their role in business.
IT Department
In this developing technology epoch, Al-Jedaie ensures that the updates are maintained and applied within business as required. IT touches entire business arena and assists from planning business strategies, maintaining records to generating reports for clients and business.  Al-Jedaie group is working towards comprising IT as a cost to be incorporated and correlated with every dollar spent within business to attain better business results.

Al-Jedaie IT department provides support on Business and Information solutions, Network and Hardware management, Interactive web solutions and facilitates organization to reach and surpass their business and management objectives. Al-Jedaie group encourages new ideas and technologies, responsive to the changing needs of company and customers.

The key principle in Al-Jedaie IT department is to reach innovative solution within minimal time. All the members of the team are creative, skilled and are determined to find a solution in every difficult scenario. All the members of the team are offered equal prospects to impart their creativity towards business. Al-Jedaie’s IT team constitutes of experienced and qualified functional and technical consultants, Network Administrators, System engineers, Programmers and Implementers.
IT achievements
Automate Al-Jedaie Group business processes through:
Internally implementing Oracle e-business suite and providing post-implementation services.
Providing functional and technical solutions to resolve business problems and cases.
Developing an Off-line POS System fully integrated with Oracle Apps.
Facilitating the management of the business and making all other departments productive and successful in their endeavors.
Serving decision makers with an adequate On-line reporting system by providing information that is timely, accurate, consistent, complete, and relevant.
Building a Local & Wide Area Network to connect Al-Jedaie branches and locations.
Bring down the cost of running IT Infrastructure efficiently.
Ensure the integrity and availability of data.
Enhance communication among employees.

With emerging technologies, Al-Jedaie continues to maintain its business status at all platforms with innovative IT solutions and by devoting paramount importance to customer services.
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